Nettle Tweed

My Nettle tweeds are a 50/50% blend of nettle and British lambs-wool yarn. 
In my opinion the best of both worlds: the soft comforting drape of wool with the hypoallergenic light and and environmentally low impact values of the nettle.
So soft, so sumptuous and so sustainable! 
Nettle Tweeds make a soft fabric, fit for shawls and cosy blankets. 
Both fibres have hypoallergenic properties, which makes them easy on the skin. 
At the same time the addition of nettle brings down the environmental impact down to half teh Impact of wool,  a third of the Impact of Viscose, 20% of Polyester and 10% of Nylon.

Some of my samples aim for a more classic look 
and some for a couture style tweed, suitable for outerwear like waistcoats or jackets.