Nettle Workshops

Stinging nettles have been used as a fibre plant for textiles for over 3000 year in the UK, to make everything from heavy sailcloth to fine table linen up until the 18th century. "In Scotland, I have eaten nettles," said the 18th century poet Thomas Campbell, "I have slept in nettle sheets, and I have dined off a nettle tablecloth “.

Nettle is one of the most sustainable fibre sources you can imagine. Through experimentation and research as part of my MA in sustainable textiles, I have rediscovered a processes to unlock the potential of this everyday plant, so I can shares this experience in this hands-on workshop.

Nettle workshop outline:

Workshop update 2021:
The season for collecting nettles for fibre is between May until September, so workshops will be running in that period.

Coronavirus measures: 
  • Workshop layout will place participants at a minimum
  • distance of 2 metres apart..
  • Masks, gloves and hand sanitizers will be provided.
  • All equipment will be regularly disinfected,
  • No sharing of tools and samples, I am afraid.
  • Full H&S form available here.

In the morning you will learn how to identify and gather the nettles which are most suitable for fibre extraction. During processing we will share stories and learn about nettles tales and folklore.

We will then move on to learning how to extract the nettle fibre, and turn it initially into string.

After lunch we will extract the fibre in a way which makes it spinnable. We will also explore a few basic and easy ways to spin too.

The maximum group size is 6 people.
The duration is 5.0 hours with 1 hour break for lunch.
Workshop times: 10AM - 4.00pm, Cost £65.

Workshop registrations online soon!

On display:

Dye samples:
Nettle fibre dyes beautifully! I will have a few dye samples with me to show to you.

Weave samples:
I will have a few samples from my MA portfolio in (sustainable) textiles with me

I will provide a variety of tools and talk through their uses - and also budget friendly alternatives, so you can start processing you own nettles inexpensively at home.

I will also have a few nettle related books with me for you to look at.
You will go away with a printed hand-out, your own lock of nettle fibre, some nettle string and a small length of spun nettle yarn. Everything you need to start processing your own nettle fibre!

Please bring your own packed lunch.

Farnham / Frensham,
Marindin Hall, Frensham Road, Frensham GU10 3DG

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