Transparency, a key concept in sustainable textiles...

... it means being open and fully accountable about materials, processes and sources, including social sustainability.
All my woven work is made from renewable sources, is fully biodegradable without toxic traces, like my own hand processed local nettle, Irish linen and British lambs-wool.
It is naturally dyed from materials from my garden. Even my sewing yarn is organic and my labels are GOTS certified. The Nepalese nettle yarn I buy is ethically sourced from Himalayan villages via a Fairtrade scheme and has much less environmental impact than standard or even organic cotton, since Nepalese nettles grow in the wild, are rainwater irrigated, grown without fertilisers or pesticides, and harvested manually.

Transparency is key to making textiles radically more sustainable. I take pride in the fact that my textiles can be enjoyed for their aesthetic qualities as well as the materials used to create them.