Nettle weaving

In 2019 I wove my first 100% local nettle, hand processed, handspun, handwoven nettle weaving. And of course 100% sustainable. I am surprised how soft this piece is, I expected it to be a bit stiff for a while. Finally, my first 100% nettle weave (dioica), 100% hand processed, hand spun, hand woven, 100% sustainable.

Just a small sample, about 10 x 25 cm, woven half as plain weave and half as twill. The picture shows the sample after the first wash, below it is in loom state.

My yarn has a yarn count of about 42 WPI (on av.) and I wove the plain part a touch spaced and the twill spaced on the plain setting on 20 EPI. (Hairy warp! !).
Since my yarn was a slightly overtwisted single, after the wash it pulled in, and it looks perfectly OK.

The sample is woven in using a plain and twill structure, the plain section has some drape due to a slightly wider sett . The twill section has a lovely drape 

The sizing was made from boiled linseed water and starch.

Sizing, useful for singles and bast fibers in weaving to counteract the yarn threads clinging to each other. over a longer warp this will make the threads snap. Very annoying so best avoid it.
For a 10m warp boil 50gr linseed in 500ml water 5 -10 mins. Strain when lukewarm, otherwise it gets so gloopy it won't strain. Add warm water to make ca 1.5 liter. Apply either to skein or on the loom. If on the loom only brush in one direction. Let everything dry before you start. Happy bast fibre weaving